Total VLE Shortlisted:78420 Operational for B2C : :73252 Certified :73232 Delivering G2C :70270
2014-LSPs Status Total VLE Shortlisted :78404 Operational for B2C :73236 Cretified :73216 Ready for G2C :73216 Delivering G2C :70261
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*e-Mitra Project has won the e-India Award 2013 under G2C category for "Effective Governance, Better Citizen Services".*

Important Telephone Numbers

Secy.IT & C 0141-2224855,0141-2222011
Smt.Indu Gupta

0141-2227992 ext.3821           

Shri Tarun Toshniwal

2227992 ext.3826 

Shri Ravi Mathur


Shri B S Nathawat

0141-5153222,0141-5153223  ext. 1156



DO Letter dated 10.12.2010
Presentation of SUGAM
Contents to be display(Sample of District Nagaur)
                              1)List of Services
                              2)Design Templates with list of services

 Note : Number of services may be very location to location

MOM workshop dated 06.12.2010
MOM workshop dated 27.12.2010
Activities to be performed to rollout the project
Letter to all collectors
1)Letter to all Collectors dated 24/01/2011
                              3)Monitoring Performa
2)Letter to Collectors dated 01/02/2011
   1)Approval of formats for Logo, Signboard, Receipt & Display Board.
   2)Administrative & Financial Sanction for districtwise expenditure for Implementation
   3)Utilization of Budget with bifurcation
Letter dated 30-03-2011 to All District Collectors (othe than Alwar)
Letter dated 30-03-2011 to All District Collectors for Valid List of OBC issued by the State Government
Implementation Status
List of Districtwise Sugam Nodal Officers -Telephone Nos.
Orders of Fund Drawing Rights for SUGAM by the District Collectors
Authorization for utilization of savings of various heads under SUGAM Project.